Our Team

The MANTRA team is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals — hailing from different countries, industries, and backgrounds —coming together with the single goal of bringing DeFi services to every corner of the globe.

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Will Corkin
Rodrigo Quan Miranda
John Patrick Mullin
Stephen Peepels
Chief Legal Officer
Juan Suarez
Chief Technology Officer
Virgil Chan
Chief Strategy Officer
Brian Norman
Chief Financial Officer
Roland Daniellczyk
Chief Risk Officer
Martin Halford
Head of Technology
Jayant Ramanand
Staking & Infrastructure Lead
Dustin McDaniel
Community Lead
Paul Watson
Head of Talent
Charu Pareek
Head of Product
Peter Habla
Head of Australia Operations
Ada Tam
Finance Controller
UX/UI Lead
Kevin Upton
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Chris Wong
HR & Administration Director
Tom To
Senior Fintech Business Operations Associate
Zen Vecek
Senior Front-end Engineer
Shane Carrello
Senior BA/PM
Vincent Ma
Finance Manager
André Ringdorfer
DeFi Research Associate
Sukhraj Ghuman
Senior Front-end Engineer
Christoph Lidman
Senior Marketing Manager
Kate Kim
Business Development and Operations Manager
Utshav Subba
Social Media Associate
Aiden Ng
Associate Accountant
Pansy Yim
Executive Assistant
Will Little
Junior Front-end Engineer
Harshita Mathur
System Analyst
Annie Tsang
Graphic Designer
Iris Tang
Graphic Designer
Kitty Chung
Executive Assistant
Jarrah Goodwill
Assistant Project Manager
Sebastian Teo
Blockchain Engineer
Alice Fong
Executive Assistant
Vinidu Wickramasighe
Backend Engineer
Tom Tsao
Junior Blockchain Developer

Our Partners

MANTRA is working towards building an open and inclusive ecosystem for people from all corners of the world.

In order to achieve this, we look to work with motivated individuals who share our common passion and goal.