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MANTRA Chain provides permissionless ability to build Web3 applications on a high-performance, scalable blockchain architecture combined with the toolkit to build regulated, compliant and permissioned applications. It is built upon the Cosmos SDK in order to provide scalable, interoperable decentralized applications.

MANTRA Compliance

Native DEX

Decentralized ID (DID) / Soulbound NFT

Fiat On/Off Ramp

Real-world Asset Tokenization

Interoperable via Cosmos IBC

Build on

MANTRA Chain welcomes Web3 builders looking to develop dApps that take advantage of our connectivitiy to the world of regulated traditional finance.

AUM Token

AUM Token Coming Soon. The AUM Token is the MANTRA Chain native token.

Apply for a Grant

MANTRA chain offers grants for builders looking to bootstrap their project.

Coming Soon