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MANTRA Chain is the protocol for regulated assets for the Cosmos ecosystem. It is built upon an IBC & EVM compatible framework that brings the flexibility and reliability of the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems together in a builder friendly and secure environment.


Build globally compliant products utilizing MANTRA Chain's enhanced compliance features and regulated ecosytem.


Create permissionless DeFi products while accessing real-world assets and tokenized securities.


Utilize MANTRA Chain's powerful decentralized identity (DID) module for all KYC & AML needs.


Leverage MANTRA Chain's built-in GameFi yield engine to create sustainable yield sources for your P2E & Web3 games.


Develop a broad range of Web3 applications utilizing the IBC and EVM compatible MANTRA Chain.


Incorporate transparent and on-chain community governance to your project using MANTRA Chain's governance module.

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Expand your imagination to the absolute limits and build dApps on MANTRA Chain.

AUM Token

AUM Token Coming Soon. The AUM Token is the MANTRA Chain native token.

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Get a kickstart on your funding and put your focus on building great projects that support the Sherpas and further develop the OMniverse by applying for a grant from MANTRA.

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