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MANTRA is a first of its kind, vertically-integrated and regulatory compliant blockchain ecosystem. The OMniverse includes:

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MANTRA Finance is the leading provider of DeFi products offering democratized access combined with institutional-grade security. The platform allows users around the world to trade, issue and earn from both crypto and tokenized assets.

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MANTRA Chain provides permissionless ability to build Web3 applications on a high-performance, scalable blockchain architecture combined with the toolkit to build regulated, compliant and permissioned applications. It is built upon the Cosmos SDK in order to provide scalable, interoperable decentralized applications.

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MANTRA Nodes is the cornerstone of the vertically integrated stack that is the foundation for the OMniverse.

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Since its inception, MANTRA has always focused on involving its community at every stage, and the transparent governance mechanism is the core that brings the people together. To reach a wider community outside of the OMniverse and Sherpas, M DAO strives to bring this narrative and structure to other projects and their many protocols.

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