MANTRA Finance Simplifies Multi-Asset Staking with New Product Launch

MANTRA Finance is revolutionizing the crypto investment world with the launch of its latest product, Multi-Asset Vaults.
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MANTRA Finance is revolutionizing the crypto investment world with the launch of its latest product, Multi-Asset Vaults. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually buying and staking different assets, across multiple blockchains, to build a diversified portfolio, and say hello to a simple, efficient, and safe process involving just a few clicks. 

Simply by depositing USDC, users can earn PoS staking rewards from multiple crypto assets simultaneously, with this first vault launched including Polkadot (DOT), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), and Kusama (KSM).

What are Multi-Asset Vaults?

Multi-Asset Vaults are a diversified crypto investment product. It allows users to gain exposure to multiple crypto assets and their respective staking rewards simultaneously by simply depositing USDC.

The first Multi-Asset Vault, has just been released and includes the following coins from interoperable blockchains: Polkadot (DOT), NEAR (NEAR), and Kusama (KSM).

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Why did MANTRA Finance develop this product?

Managing a diversified portfolio of staked PoS tokens can be time-intensive and a complicated process. Generally, users have to go through the cumbersome processes of:

  • Finding & buying multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Staking different assets through different staking processes
  • Researching and choosing the right validators for separate assets
  • Installing new crypto wallet software programs or extensions

Multi-Asset Vaults are MANTRA Finance’s novel solution to combat these issues that arise from the painstaking process of manually buying and staking different assets. 

Now users can enjoy a simple, efficient, and safe process, to access a diversified PoS investment product in just a few clicks that would normally require much longer to manually develop.

What to expect in the near future

Multi-Asset Vaults are the direct successors to Single Asset Vaults: a yield-bearing investment product where users can earn staking rewards from a vault consisting of just a single crypto asset.

In the near future MANTRA Finance will also be launching a DEX that offers several unique features, including an Automated Market Maker (AMM), Liquidity Farming, Central-Limit Order Book (CLOB), cross-chain compatibility via Cosmos IBC integration, dynamic fees and much more.

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About MANTRA Finance

MANTRA Finance is rebuilding the trust that was lost in the crypto/DeFi space over the past years. Our products are designed and built to be transparent, secure, and compliant with international regulations.

We offer democratized access to both crypto and traditional finance investment products through tokenization. We aim to become an international, on-chain version of Nasdaq and are beginning to gain traction with our pre-existing community of users.




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