MANTRA Awarded ‘Staking Rewards Verified Provider’ Badge

MANTRA has become a verified provider at Staking Rewards. Learn what it means and why it matters.
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We’re proud to announce that we’ve become a verified provider at Staking Rewards, the leading centralized information hub and data aggregator for the crypto staking industry.  

Being a verified provider means that we have met the high requirements of risk management, longevity, security measures, and other features as a staking provider. The status of a verified provider highlights the strongest and most reliable players to potential delegators. At the time of writing, there are only 33 verified staking providers out of over 300.

This verification provides stakers additional benefits, including:

  • Increased level of comfort and trust in their own due diligence process
  • Possibility of improved decentralization (choosing trusted smaller providers)
  • Convenience (“set and forget with confidence”)
  • A new benchmarking tool (streamlining info for due diligence)
  • Sustainable and reliable rewards delegation (lowered risk)
  • Decreasing the risk of lack of expertise

About the Staking Rewards Verified Provider Program

The Verified Provider Program is an initiative to increase trust and transparency in the staking industry by verifying that providers meet a set of criteria, including but not limited to risk management, longevity, and security measures.

Staking is a way to earn interest on crypto assets. Investors can pledge their crypto assets with a staking provider and earn rewards without having to directly participate in the validation process.

The challenge of choosing a staking provider is twofold: 

  1. It is difficult to determine which providers will be trustworthy in the future. 
  2. In most cases, it's not transparent to users whether a given staking provider follows industry best practices or even if providers are legitimate.

The Staking Rewards Verified Provider Program helps investors make confident decisions about Staking Providers by performing in-depth due diligence on Staking Providers. Providers who pass the requirements of the program will be considered sufficiently trustworthy by Staking Rewards to provide reliable, secure services.


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