Letter From MANTRA CEO

A Letter From Our CEO | April 2023

MANTRA CEO & Co-Founder John Patrick Mullin reflects on the journey the team has undergone throughout the last year till the present day.
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Dear MANTRA Community,

It has been three full months since the beginning of 2023, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the progress we have made thus far as a team, and everything we will be launching in the upcoming months.

The first thing I am excited to share with all of you is that I am stepping into the role of CEO for MANTRA. I understand that this position comes with a lot of responsibilities, and I fully intend on delivering the next phase of MANTRA’s growth and development. Moving into 2023, there is a shift in focus from building to now launching the next generation of DeFi products. I will be sharing more about my plans on what we aim to accomplish this year, as well as what you can expect from the “new and improved” MANTRA.

In March, we launched MANTRA Finance and an Open BETA version of its first product, MANTRA Vaults. Throughout this process, we received a lot of valuable feedback, which we are thankful to you for. We will be using all of this information to start adapting the products to better suit the community’s desires. If you haven’t already, I also encourage you to check out MANTRA Finance and relay any feedback you may have to us via Telegram or Email.

We have started building momentum through our new strategy and are looking forward to getting back to shipping products. We have an exciting timeline of product launches coming up, starting with new renditions of MANTRA Vaults that will allow users to deposit USDC or native tokens to participate in different funds. In the near future, we will also be launching a DEX that offers several unique features including AMM, liquidity farming, Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), cross-chain compatibility via Cosmos IBC, and dynamic fees – just to name a few. Not only that, we also unveiled the new look for SOMA.finance recently, as we prepare for its launch in the months to come.

I think it goes without saying that 2022 was a trying year for the industry. However, despite the uncertainty of last year, we continued building and ultimately persevered. I want to give a shoutout to our team for sticking through and continuing to BUIDL, even during a tough market environment. In the midst of all the craziness in the market, I am glad to say that we were even able to welcome numerous new talented individuals to our team, with new joiners in operations, tech, and UI/UX. 

And as always, I would like to thank the community as well. You have stayed with us throughout our highs and lows for going on three years now. It’s not easy to build in the DeFi space, and particularly to continue pushing to develop interesting and useful products for our community. I truly feel a duty to do the best by the community, take responsibility for our actions, and find ways to add value to the MANTRA ecosystem. I strongly appreciate your trust in us. It makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile. 

While the bear market is a tough time for many, I also believe that it is the perfect time to build. This phase is when the people who are only in this space for a quick buck have left, and only the projects who are in it for the long haul remain. This isn’t my first bear market, and it won’t be my last. I am looking forward to continuing building together with you all for years to come.

Once again, I am beyond grateful to all of you for supporting our projects, and I’m looking forward to delivering the best.

Thank you for your support,

John Patrick Mullin

CEO & Co-Founder


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