Step-by-Step Guide — RFUEL Staking

MANTRA DAO Step-by-Step Guide — RFUEL Staking
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Key Takeaways

A new RFUEL pool with auto-compounding has been launched unstake from the old pool now and take advantage of high APRs

Following our announcement about the new RFUEL staking pool, we want to share the steps that existing stakers must undertake to move to the new staking pool.

In a few easy clicks, you can unstake and claim your rewards on the existing pool and begin the process to move to the new staking pool!

RFUEL staked on MANTRA DAO’s platform

Here are the steps needed to move your staked tokens to the new staking pool:

  1. Claim your RFUEL rewards (initiating your 8 day claiming period)
  2. Immediately after claiming, unstake your RFUEL from the current staking pool (initiating your 8 day unstaking period)
  3. Wait 8 days
  4. Withdraw your claimed and unstaked RFUEL tokens
  5. Stake your RFUEL to the new upgraded staking pool

Points to keep in mind during the unstaking process

  1. Please ensure that you claim your tokens FIRST before initiating the unstake action. Make sure that you unstake your tokens directly after you claim so that you don't delay or restart the 8 day period before you can withdraw.
  2. Rewards will stop on the old RFUEL staking pool and users will no longer be able to stake their tokens to this pool

Step 1 - Claim your RFUEL rewards

Step 2 - Unstake your RFUEL; Successfully initiating the 8-day unstaking period

Step 3 — Wait for the8 day unstaking period to complete

Step 4 — Withdrawyour tokens once the 8-day timer is complete

Step 5 — Stake yourtokens to the new RFUEL Staking Pool!

Please note, the staking rewards strategy will start on 18 August 2021.

Once the staking reward begins the values for estimated APR and Daily Estimated rewards will be visible on your screen.


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