Letter From MANTRA CEO

A Letter From Our CEO | September 2023

Learn about the latest advancements within the MANTRA ecosystem concerning MANTRA Chain and MANTRA Finance.
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Dear MANTRA Community,

I am delighted to present our monthly CEO update, highlighting significant developments from the past month and outlining what lies ahead for MANTRA.

First and foremost, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering support throughout our exhilarating three-year journey. On the 18th of August, we celebrated the 3rd birthday of MANTRA and the OM token, reflecting on the amazing ride we've had thus far. Rest assured, there are many more thrilling ventures on the horizon.

To mark this special occasion, we hosted a memorable event at our headquarters, joined by our team and many special guests, and supporters. It was a night filled with enjoyment as we shared our journey and unveiled our future plans. During the event, I delivered a heartfelt speech, which you can watch here.

Looking ahead, we have an array of conferences lined up for this month. I will be attending two prominent crypto conferences in the United States, namely Permissionless II in Austin, Texas, and Mainnet in New York, accompanied by key members of the MANTRA executive team. Additionally, my fellow Co-Founder, Will Corkin, will be present at TOKEN2049 in Singapore, along with Brian Norman, our CFO. If you are interested in discussing regulated DeFi, tokenized RWAs, or exploring potential collaborations, please reach out to us at contact@mantra.finance. We would be delighted to meet you.

During my trip abroad, I will also be visiting Dubai, UAE to meet with the Dubai regulator VARA (Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority) to finalize pending matters and progress our licensing application process for MANTRA Finance.

As mentioned recently during our Spaces session, we have decided to revamp our MANTRA OMniverse X (Twitter) handle to MANTRA Finance. This strategic move aims to provide more targeted content from this particular handle, which has over 70K followers, and ultimately drive more users toward the MANTRA Finance platform. We are diligently working on its development. This change will allow us to adopt a more effective approach to positioning, communicating, and discussing our various products and services. MANTRA Finance, as one of the applications utilizing MANTRA Chain's protocol and technology stack, will be highlighted extensively, emphasizing its specific use cases and why we believe MANTRA Chain is the optimal choice in the realms of DeFi, brokerage, RWA tokenization, and more.

Furthermore, we are planning a name change for MANTRA Chain in the near future. Rest assured, all the features and the AUM token will remain unaffected. However, we aim to select a brand and association that is not exclusively tied to one platform or entity, such as MANTRA Finance. We desire an impartial chain name that third parties can utilize without feeling overly connected to MANTRA or any other entity. We are currently brainstorming names and would gladly welcome your suggestions. If you have any interesting ideas, please share them with us. We are all ears and may even offer a reward for the winning suggestion.

Once again, I extend my sincere gratitude for your unwavering support. You are an indispensable part of our community, and we eagerly anticipate sharing more exciting updates with you in the near future.

Onwards and upwards,

John Patrick Mullin

CEO & Co-Founder



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