Letter From MANTRA CEO

A Letter From Our CEO | July 2023

CEO John Patrick Mullin shares his industry insights, 'Road to Cosmoverse' experience, and latest updates for MANTRA.
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Dear MANTRA Community,

As always, I am looking forward to sharing with you the latest updates in this month’s CEO letter. We have been busy developing and promoting MANTRA and our suite of products.

In June, we refreshed the MANTRA Finance website to better reflect the products we offer on the platform. I personally think it looks great, and the team did an amazing job on the revamp. Do check it out here and share your thoughts with us.

We will be launching our second Multi-Asset Vault soon this month, which will allow users to earn staking rewards from multiple different crypto assets simultaneously. Stay tuned to our socials to find out what those assets are and when the Vault is launching.

Additionally, we have kick-started our marketing efforts for MANTRA Chain, having launched both the website and our Twitter page. We will be announcing a lot more updates now and will be releasing the litepaper really soon too, so make sure you follow us on MANTRA Chain Twitter page to keep updated.

In fact, we recently hosted the ‘Road to Cosmoverse’ event at our headquarters in Hong Kong too, in collaboration with the Cosmoverse team. It was great to be able to have insightful conversations with Cosmos enthusiasts about the developments within the ecosystem. I am looking forward to the Cosmoverse event happening in Istanbul from October 2nd to 4th. If you’re interested, find out more here.

The ‘Road to Cosmoverse’ event at MANTRA HQ

As mentioned in the previous CEO update, I have been on MANTRA’s Twitter Spaces every Thursday. It’s been great being able to communicate with our community members on a weekly basis, and sharing the latest updates regarding MANTRA Finance, MANTRA Chain, and our upcoming SOMA & AUM airdrops directly with them. We ran a giveaway for some of the best questions asked in our latest Twitter Spaces as a way to thank our community members for being so active, and are planning to do it more often.

Set your reminder here for my next Twitter Spaces, which will be with RocketX – a hybrid CEX & DEX aggregator – on July 6th, 12 PM UTC.

Recently, I have been sharing my thoughts on the state of the industry on my LinkedIn and Twitter pages. It is encouraging to see the adoption of crypto assets by regulators and traditional institutions all over the world. Hong Kong has been particularly supportive, with Bank of China’s BOCI issuing tokenized securities on Ethereum and the HKMA encouraging HSBC and Standard Chartered to accept crypto clients.

Furthermore, BlackRock, a global investment manager, has filed for a Bitcoin ETF application, and Deutsche Bank has applied for a digital assets custody license with German regulator, BaFin. The future of crypto is looking bright!

In other news, Bill Heyn, our US business partner, and the Co-CEO of SOMA.finance, recently came to Hong Kong for a short business trip. With SOMA’s public launch approaching closer and closer, we have been having more strategic meetings in person and are excited to have the public witness the fruits of our hard work. Check out the SOMA.finance Co-Founders AMA we did recently here.

Dinner with Bill and his son

Thank you for being a part of our community and your continuous support. We look forward to sharing more exciting updates with you.

Onwards and upwards,

John Patrick Mullin

CEO & Co-Founder


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