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Polkadot is a scalable multi-chain network, meaning that it can process many transactions on several blockchains in parallel (parachains). This parallel processing power is a solution to some of the scalability issues of many PoS blockchains. Through Polkadot’s Parachains, Polkadot is able to offer novel ways of interconnecting between blockchains in a secure and trustless way.

Market Cap
Annual reward rate (est.)
Unbonding period
28 days
Contract Address
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MANTRA Nodes provides bespoke infrastructure solutions to suit any business needs across SMEs and institutional clients. Our experience in the industry includes offering hands-on support for the top PoS chains while also nurturing emerging chains in need of trusted web3 infrastructure.

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MANTRA can set up your validators and securely manage them allowing you to maximise your returns on staking. We have a track record of reliably operating over 30+ PoS validators with no slashing and minimal server downtime. Let us build your validator business and let you rake the rewards.

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