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Mars is a credit protocol for the future: non-custodial, open-source, transparent, algorithmic and community-governed. Like banks, Mars aims to attract deposits and lend out this money while managing illiquidity and insolvency risk. Unlike banks, Mars is a fully automated, on-chain credit facility governed by a decentralized community via a transparent governance process. All decisions are made by the Martian Council, composed of MARS stakers who put skin in the game to backstop certain kinds of protocol risk in exchange for a portion of the protocol borrowing fees.

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MANTRA Nodes provides bespoke infrastructure solutions to suit any business needs across SMEs and institutional clients. Our experience in the industry includes offering hands-on support for the top PoS chains while also nurturing emerging chains in need of trusted web3 infrastructure.

Become a PoS Validator

MANTRA can set up your validators and securely manage them allowing you to maximise your returns on staking. We have a track record of reliably operating over 30+ PoS validators with no slashing and minimal server downtime. Let us build your validator business and let you rake the rewards.

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